Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thinking Out Loud - Part 2

I'm actually in the process of selecting a contractor and shopping building materials for the new garage to be - hopefully - build later this summer. I've secured the municipal authorization and permit thus the project can move forward.

I've had a few discussions with Jérôme about the subject of the new layout. Simon Dunkley's recent comments are also similar in substance. In fact, everytime I bring out the subject of Temiscouata I meet a lot of enthusiasm. No wonder, Connors is the epitome of North American steam branchline that could be found anywhere and it can be easily turned into a fine layout.

A few months ago, I had a similar discussion on Big Blue Trains forum and on my other blog (Quebec South Shore Railway) .

Original discussion

To give some tooth to the discussion, I made a crude mock up that was used to see if a switching layout was feasible.

Connors mock up (as a switching layout)

I've explored many possibilities, but so far, the Connors Branch fit the space without having to bang my head on the walls for months trying to fit things I want.

Trevor Marshall was kind enough to send me very interesting information that comfort the idea Temiscouata can be turned into an Achiveable Layout (I just love that expression!).

In fact, I now have photographic evidence about the small flag stop that existed at Pelletier Mills (Little River Mills). And this is very interesting because that location served a saw mill, had a siding and a small station.

It means the layout would be a compression of the line, but a rendition of the last two stops on the branch. No need for psychological shortcuts. What you see is the real last few miles of the run.

I've made a very crude track plan based on these two locations.

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