Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Planning Follow Up

To Stage or Not To Stage

This Temiscouata layout project is probably the one I've been planning for the longest time in my life while having the most basic track plan ever. Not that I'm having that much problems finding out a definite answer in terms of track planning which was complete on day one, but rather about the way I want to frame the subject.

Basically, the layout will be on a 17 feet long shelf which is quite vast for such a simple terminal. However, I've been pondering for a while if I wanted staging or if the layout would be self-contained. The answer is simple: my mind is better fooled when I'm under the impression the train emerges from outside the modelled world, meaning a sort of staging/fiddling yard will be required.

Keeping things simple in terms of staging

Several options are possibles, but I'm looking for something extremely simple like a long stretch of track on a narrow shelf that goes beyond the layout and can handle a train. Not only it creates a virtual space from where trains come from or vanish, but it gives room to better replicate switching moves at Connors without having to take into account space limitation of the modelled portion of the world.

I see no need to over complicate the staging area with turnouts but would probably install an "el cheapo" manual turntable to reverse locomotives without having to handle them. A display case for rolling stock would be install nearby for ease of access when staging or storing cars.

CDS Lettering

Meanwhile, I'm sourcing old CDS Lettering dry transfer in HO and S scale for the sake of this project. While some are still commercially available, they are no longer in production and some sets are already sold out and hard to find. Temiscouata and Intercolonial cars are quite hard to find. If you ever find some sets or have ones that you don't plan to use, let me know and maybe we can work out a deal.

I'm mainly looking for boxcars (both single-sheathed and double-sheathed) lettering, including such roads:

-Canadian Northern
-Canadian Pacific (arched lettering paints scheme)
-Grand Trunk
-Dominion Atlantic
-Canadian Government Railway